Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my account have any posts?

LurkerFAQs only archives a small amount of message boards. If you can't find your account, you are probably are not posting in any of the archived boards. Also keep in mind that LurkerFAQs first started archiving in February 2011, so you will not see any posts before this date.

Please visit here for a complete list of boards being archived.

This is a great site; I'm totally going to share it on GameFAQs!

Linking to LurkerFAQs is not recommended. Unfortunately, 'LurkerFAQs' is a banned word on the GameFAQs message boards and discussing it could get you modded.

Could you delete my posts?

Yes. Each topic should contain an option to delete it for a donation.

I have some suggestions/comments. How can I reach you?

If you have any comments, feel free to send me an email.